Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last term was particularly enjoyable, as we were able to focus in depth on a brand of our choice and evaluate their branding and marketing communication strategy. I chose Acne Studios with the idea to continue this brand into our third term Final Major Project. However, I have recently began to question whether I want to continue with Acne. There are endless brands to work with on this project, and I'm currently researching where I can best use my abilities in communicating a business proposal for a brand.

Some thoughts have surfaced to work with French label A.P.C. I have done a little background research, and the secondary research around this brand is fairly scarce in English (starting with the brand history and continuing from there.)

I plan to start exploring UK based brands to see if something sparks my interest. Hopefully in a couple of days I will have finally made a decision! Check back here soon for a project proposal outline.