Sunday, May 29, 2011


As we are coming closer to business plan deadline, the video will soon be up for public viewing. While this video was one of the first things I tackled during this project, a lot of planning went into the story brainstorming, development, and production of the shoot.

While at first I had at least 10 video ideas, discussing the brand identity and situation with my sister Miranda (video producer), I was able to narrow it down to one story.

The idea of the promotional video is a child showing their creative and fun side. She at first is playing with one simple toy, but as the shots go on the scenery gets more crowded with toys and games. She interacts with these objects, and eventually the crowded scene hits a maximum as confetti falls. The outfit changes and scenery suggest different days or perhaps different times during the day while she plays. The idea is that no matter how many things she has or how much creativity she has, it all comes down to her in the end. She is the source of the chaos/fun mess and she is loving it. The last frame ends up simple again, with just her and maybe 1 toy. The logo appears and reveals the brand.

Click on the storyboard to see a larger version.

While I don't want to give away my commercial just yet, the storyboard above shows the scenery which I had set out to shoot.

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