Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brand Name & Logo

The past two days I've been working on choosing a brand name and logo for Peter Jensen's childrenswear line. I did a little bit of research by looking at department store kids brand names, as well as big name brands who also have introduced kidswear. What I noticed through this research is that if the line is an extension of an already named brand, then the extension is named very simply and always using the main brand name.

As Peter Jensen is not yet a huge brand, it's best to keep the name simple. As the brand is also the designer's name, it's great to play with this. After brainstorming endless words and phrases, I ended up with simply "Little Peter". While this name may not be the most creative, it is the most effective for Peter Jensen's current brand. (Previous brand names have been simply Peter Jensen and PJ by Peter Jensen).

From here I started working on a logo. I wanted to use the same lettering as the current logo, as well as the same rabbit icon. I ended up with the main components and started playing around with word placement (shown below):

From playing around, I got a better feel for what the logo is about as well as what is more pleasing to the eye. I decided the top right logo and the bottom left logo were immediate favorites. From here I played with placement of the Peter Jensen rabbit logo. These are the two final logos I've ended up with:

While the top logo is compact and direct, the second logo emphasizes the brand itself (as childrenswear). A decision is yet to be made for what I'll be using throughout the rest of this process.

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