Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back in Term Time

As uni has started back up again, it's time to crack down. In order to keep myself organized and get things done in time, I've created a schedule for the coming weeks.

Week of 3rd May
  • Email primary research questionnaires
  • Read through Mintel reports collected over break
  • Look at media sites to make a start on situational analysis
  • Research types of childrenswear media
  • Make a start at reading eMarketing eXcellence (Chaffey&Smith)

Week of 10th May
  • Compile all secondary research
  • Finish situational analysis
  • Graph and analyze primary research
  • Chase up on campaign video & images
  • Finalize brand identity
  • Make a start on objectives, STP, SWOT, and competitors

Week of 17th May
  • Thinking of budgeting and finance figures for the plan
  • Compiling the objectives, strategy, tactics, action, and control

Week of 24th May
  • Finishing off any work not completed in previous weeks
  • Format and clean up to create the first draft report

Week of 31st May
  • Finish report for hand in on June 3rd.

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