Saturday, April 23, 2011

Filming: the day

The shoot took place yesterday with my niece, Willa (aged 12 months), with the help of both my sister-in-law and my younger sister. I had chosen location and taken test shots the day before in preparation. At last minute notice of the timing on the shoot, wardrobe was MIA. I made a sporadic trip in the morning to Target and quickly pulled three looks that I found suitable to the designer's aesthetic. I didn't concentrate too much on the clothes, as the video is simply a depiction of the campaign. The video and campaign images are more about the story that the campaign is telling rather than the wardrobe choices, make-up etc.

The day panned out as so:

  • 11 AM: Wardrobe shopping at Target
  • 12 PM: Set up of lights, camera, acquiring of props
  • 1 PM: First filming installment with Look 1.
  • 1:30 - 3 PM: Break
  • 3:30 PM: Second filming installment with Look 2 and 3.
  • 4 PM: Wrap-up.

I did encounter a few problems with the shoot. The first is technical: the camera battery consistently died upon filming. This was, thankfully, fixed later on during the day before the second installment of filming. Secondly, I didn't factor in the time and patience needed while filming with children, especially a 12 month old. It was near impossible to direct Willa and keep her interest in the setting around here. I also needed to factor in nap-time, as Willa performed her best after waking up from a nap.

In the end, I did come out with some great shots. I can't wait to play around with the film and see if I can manage to put together my original storyboard. I may outsource the editing to my sister who is a multimedia producer. This will hopefully give the film a more professional outlook!

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