Friday, June 3, 2011

Personal & Professional Development

This month has flown by, with only 5 weeks from the start of the term to the end. It was certainly a challenge to complete the final major project in the time span, yet I was happily up for the challenge. The limited time pushed me to sit down and focus on the task at hand. Procrastinating was certainly not an option this time around as I was enthusiastic to put together everything I learned (and more) into a single final project.

From the start, I was aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I knew that the promotional video and the photo shoot were going to be my biggest challenge but the most enjoyable part. Knowing this, I tackled this first. I was lucky enough to fly back to my hometown in America where my family lives, including my 1-year-old niece Willa. When I had originally come up with the concept for the brand, I knew that Willa would be the perfect companion to my final major project. With a notebook full of ideas and a camera, I hopped on a plane and flew over.

I gathered props around my house that I had come up with in my storyboard and went shopping for clothes at the local Target. My family was with me every step of the filming process, looking over my shoulder and offering advice. I’ve learned that filming is much easier with a couple of opinions, as you can get the best results. The actual shooting of Willa was a challenge, as she was tired and agitated the first hour of filming. However, after a nap, we pushed through the day and came out with some great footage. From here I handed work off to my older sister, a multimedia producer. She put a great edge on the video that is so fantastic. All the work that was crammed into that week of planning was well paid off.

As for the report, I knew I had such a small time frame. My first task when I arrived home in London was to plan out what I’m going to do and when. This originally left me with a week of editing a draft and finalizing all details. When it got down to it, I was working till late night the day before. This is definitely one of my weaknesses. I have great planning and organizing skills, yet when it comes to motivation for completion well before the due date, I’m lacking. This is definitely something I plan to work on, especially through the three-week bridging course in July.

My last challenge was including texts and theories that we have followed throughout the course. I had to change my work method of simply tackling the task to sitting down with a stack of books and reading while writing. This was a different mindset that I had to put myself in, but in the end I enjoyed it. This is the work method I expect to be following me into the top up year and I’m excited to start bridging to trial it out.

Throughout the project I learned a lot about myself and the way I work. While I knew my SWOT from the start, going through such a huge project single-handedly really opened my eyes to what I’m capable of achieving. I’m so thankful for all the help along the way in terms of the creative side. I am incredibly proud of the research I put into this project, from the primary research to the environmental analysis. My heart and soul went into this project and I hope it shows.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Peter Promotional Video

Produced by Miranda Harple
Filmed by Laurel Harple
Filming Assistant: Katrina Harple
Music: City With No Children by Arcade Fire
Model: Willa Harple

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Press Launch

Invites to be sent out a month prior to press launch (in January, 2012)
The event is to be held at Shoreditch's Time For Tea, a sweet vintage inspired tea rooms off Shoreditch High Street. Guests will enjoy cream tea and carry a sweet goodie bag home.

Click invite to see it larger.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Campaign

Introducing the Little Peter campaign images! These are going to be used as promotional images only. The first two are stills from the film while the last is a photo taken mid-filming. I had such a great time shooting this..

Sunday, May 29, 2011


As we are coming closer to business plan deadline, the video will soon be up for public viewing. While this video was one of the first things I tackled during this project, a lot of planning went into the story brainstorming, development, and production of the shoot.

While at first I had at least 10 video ideas, discussing the brand identity and situation with my sister Miranda (video producer), I was able to narrow it down to one story.

The idea of the promotional video is a child showing their creative and fun side. She at first is playing with one simple toy, but as the shots go on the scenery gets more crowded with toys and games. She interacts with these objects, and eventually the crowded scene hits a maximum as confetti falls. The outfit changes and scenery suggest different days or perhaps different times during the day while she plays. The idea is that no matter how many things she has or how much creativity she has, it all comes down to her in the end. She is the source of the chaos/fun mess and she is loving it. The last frame ends up simple again, with just her and maybe 1 toy. The logo appears and reveals the brand.

Click on the storyboard to see a larger version.

While I don't want to give away my commercial just yet, the storyboard above shows the scenery which I had set out to shoot.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Photos from (clockwise) Little Peter Logo, Magic Land of Toys, Isis Linguanotto Photography, Toys Were Us, and FrokenFraken (Flickr)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Halfway There

We've got a week left to get everything in order. Despite my new hectic schedule, things are coming along nicely.

I've finished through to the environmental analysis and situational analysis, as well as finally getting my business strategy and marketing objectives down to paper! While I still have my marketing communications and financials to get through, this second half is the fun part for me. I get to translate my creative ideas through to make the business seem more viable. The financials will certainly be a challenge but with help of a few books I'm sure I'll be OK.

I had a lot of fun creating the customer profile. There were endless photos on flickr to look through. I found this one family which I found particularly inspiring. I believe they're from Sweden.. their boys and home aesthetic look perfect for this brand!

Photos from FrokenFraken on Flickr

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Weeks and 2 Days Left

The past couple of days I have slowed down on report writing. However, it's hit me that the deadline is unbelievably close! I really have to start cracking down on the report and getting my ideas down to paper.

It will be even more difficult now that I am starting a new placement tomorrow. This means I'll have less time to work and will be giving up most of my weekend time and evenings to perfecting this project. I have yet to begin thinking of any financial plans (sales forecast and budget) and really have to get my plans in order.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brand Name & Logo

The past two days I've been working on choosing a brand name and logo for Peter Jensen's childrenswear line. I did a little bit of research by looking at department store kids brand names, as well as big name brands who also have introduced kidswear. What I noticed through this research is that if the line is an extension of an already named brand, then the extension is named very simply and always using the main brand name.

As Peter Jensen is not yet a huge brand, it's best to keep the name simple. As the brand is also the designer's name, it's great to play with this. After brainstorming endless words and phrases, I ended up with simply "Little Peter". While this name may not be the most creative, it is the most effective for Peter Jensen's current brand. (Previous brand names have been simply Peter Jensen and PJ by Peter Jensen).

From here I started working on a logo. I wanted to use the same lettering as the current logo, as well as the same rabbit icon. I ended up with the main components and started playing around with word placement (shown below):

From playing around, I got a better feel for what the logo is about as well as what is more pleasing to the eye. I decided the top right logo and the bottom left logo were immediate favorites. From here I played with placement of the Peter Jensen rabbit logo. These are the two final logos I've ended up with:

While the top logo is compact and direct, the second logo emphasizes the brand itself (as childrenswear). A decision is yet to be made for what I'll be using throughout the rest of this process.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Things seem to be coming along great. I emailed out a childrenswear survey last week to relative parents that I knew and asked them to send them around to other friends/acquaintances that also have children. I'm blown away by the response! While I only expected about 10 responses, I have answers from about 22 people. I'm so happy with this outcome and the information has been incredibly valuable to my understanding of the market and the evolution of my brand at this stage.

Also, draft 1 of the 30 second promotional video has been edited and, again, I'm so happy with the results. Everything seems to be shaping up, and this progression has really inspired me to carry through the secondary research and invest more time into the creative aspects.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back in Term Time

As uni has started back up again, it's time to crack down. In order to keep myself organized and get things done in time, I've created a schedule for the coming weeks.

Week of 3rd May
  • Email primary research questionnaires
  • Read through Mintel reports collected over break
  • Look at media sites to make a start on situational analysis
  • Research types of childrenswear media
  • Make a start at reading eMarketing eXcellence (Chaffey&Smith)

Week of 10th May
  • Compile all secondary research
  • Finish situational analysis
  • Graph and analyze primary research
  • Chase up on campaign video & images
  • Finalize brand identity
  • Make a start on objectives, STP, SWOT, and competitors

Week of 17th May
  • Thinking of budgeting and finance figures for the plan
  • Compiling the objectives, strategy, tactics, action, and control

Week of 24th May
  • Finishing off any work not completed in previous weeks
  • Format and clean up to create the first draft report

Week of 31st May
  • Finish report for hand in on June 3rd.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Filming: the day

The shoot took place yesterday with my niece, Willa (aged 12 months), with the help of both my sister-in-law and my younger sister. I had chosen location and taken test shots the day before in preparation. At last minute notice of the timing on the shoot, wardrobe was MIA. I made a sporadic trip in the morning to Target and quickly pulled three looks that I found suitable to the designer's aesthetic. I didn't concentrate too much on the clothes, as the video is simply a depiction of the campaign. The video and campaign images are more about the story that the campaign is telling rather than the wardrobe choices, make-up etc.

The day panned out as so:

  • 11 AM: Wardrobe shopping at Target
  • 12 PM: Set up of lights, camera, acquiring of props
  • 1 PM: First filming installment with Look 1.
  • 1:30 - 3 PM: Break
  • 3:30 PM: Second filming installment with Look 2 and 3.
  • 4 PM: Wrap-up.

I did encounter a few problems with the shoot. The first is technical: the camera battery consistently died upon filming. This was, thankfully, fixed later on during the day before the second installment of filming. Secondly, I didn't factor in the time and patience needed while filming with children, especially a 12 month old. It was near impossible to direct Willa and keep her interest in the setting around here. I also needed to factor in nap-time, as Willa performed her best after waking up from a nap.

In the end, I did come out with some great shots. I can't wait to play around with the film and see if I can manage to put together my original storyboard. I may outsource the editing to my sister who is a multimedia producer. This will hopefully give the film a more professional outlook!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Test Shot

Test shot for campaign video & images

Pre-Filming Post

My week in America has been jam-packed with events. Filming and shooting for the campaign takes place tomorrow and there is much to do! Here are some hints of what is to come:

  • creative
  • chaos
  • clean cut
  • fun
  • accessible style

Today is dedicated to finalizing the story board as well as shopping for any last minute props. I'm keeping the filming process simple and enjoyable, as I'm taking the reins in terms of both directing and producing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project Proposal

After a grueling three weeks, I've finally discovered my project for the business proposal! While I'm glad to have discovered it, I'm now incredibly stressed for time. I plan to film and shoot my campaign images next week, as I'm heading back home to Boston.

Brand Name: Peter Jensen

Concept of Business: Childrenswear (brand extension)

Main Competition: Polarn O. Pyret, Pumpkin Patch

USP: A fun, colorful, and vintage-inspired range for imaginative children. The range will be inspired by vintage toys.

Target Market: The line will be for children aged 12 months - 8 years, but the target market is Adults (age 25 - 40)

Customer Profile: Acorn types 1 and 3, categories CGH. They are young stylish families with comfortable jobs and a medium disposable income.

Brief Outline of Products: This range will be small, as to mark the launch of the extension. The estimated number of pieces will be 10 including (but not limited to) dresses, tops, and trousers.

Location of Business: primarily UK based

Visual Inspiration:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fashion Video Inspiration

To get a better idea of how fashion can be filmed, I've been keeping my eye out for videos that inspire me. Here are a few that are incredibly different from each other, both capturing a different style of film.


Battle of the Brands

I've finally narrowed my options down to two brands. They are both UK based, yet both were created by international designers.

The first:

a.k.a. To Be Adored

The second:

Peter Jensen

What's exciting about these brands is that they mainly sell through concessions and are both low budget. This would it make it exciting for me to produce a great low-cost business plan that really focuses on the digital marketing sector.

Now that I've narrowed it down, I'm feeling a lot more excited to begin this project. While I may still be waiting on the "big idea" to come to me I'm already starting to imagine how this whole thing can come together, from the promotion to the filming of the video.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last term was particularly enjoyable, as we were able to focus in depth on a brand of our choice and evaluate their branding and marketing communication strategy. I chose Acne Studios with the idea to continue this brand into our third term Final Major Project. However, I have recently began to question whether I want to continue with Acne. There are endless brands to work with on this project, and I'm currently researching where I can best use my abilities in communicating a business proposal for a brand.

Some thoughts have surfaced to work with French label A.P.C. I have done a little background research, and the secondary research around this brand is fairly scarce in English (starting with the brand history and continuing from there.)

I plan to start exploring UK based brands to see if something sparks my interest. Hopefully in a couple of days I will have finally made a decision! Check back here soon for a project proposal outline.